Motivation, Determination, and Appreciation

J-Rob: Where did “So Much” come from?

Versetyle: I actually got the beat when I was down in New Orleans; shout out to TracksAllDay on the beat. And while I was walking around, I started thinking about ‘what’s going on there’, not only there, but in the rest of the world especially the city I love, Chicago.

J-Rob: What was behind that [song]?

Versetyle: “So Much” was basically my way of saying, whatever or whoever is motivating you to be better than what you are right now, don’t ever let that go. Keep working toward your goal. The only way you’re not going to get it, is if you stop working for it.

Shout out to Jasmine for lending her blessing to it, and hopefully we can be a blessing to somebody else. I gotta thank everybody that’s been rocking with I.D. since day one. Stay tuned, there’s so much more to come.

J-Rob- contributor.